I was provided Roy’s outplacement services by my law firm. I liked that he was persistent and helped hold me accountable during my job search. Roy provided good advice and encouraged me throughout our working relationship. His counseling far exceeded my expectations. I have had friends work with similar vendors through their firms and none found the vendors very useful so I was unsure what to expect from Roy at first. But I was pleasantly surprised at how helpful he was.

– Associate, large Minneapolis, MN law firm

Roy's feedback about my resume, our mock interview, as well as his direction regarding my networking strategy, was extremely helpful. Our telephone conversations reenergized, refocused me, and brought back my confidence during my job search at a time when I needed it most. It was also really valuable to get feedback when I had to juggle multiple interviews and an actual job offer. Finally, it was wonderful that Roy was so responsive and kind enough to make himself available on weekends.

– Associate, small Philadelphia, PA law firm

I was stuck reviewing documents and had to get out and hired Roy to help. What I appreciated most was his honesty about my situation and his direct and realistic approach for my job search. Roy gave me a strategy to pursue, helped me with the tools and gave input when needed. The job interview preparation was also great.

– Associate, mid-size Minneapolis, MN law firm

I had been working in house at a utility for the last decade and most recently in the role of Assistant General Counsel. It was time to make a move but my interviewing skills were quite rusty. I contacted Roy for help and he was available on short notice. In one targeted session he prepped me to talk about my skills and experience succinctly and without rambling. The prep time with Roy helped me to focus on priorities and have succinct answers to several standard interview questions. The next day I nailed the interview and got the job.

– Assistant General Counsel, WA corporation

When I worked with Roy, I was tired of practicing employment law and wanted to move into an HR position at a local company. Roy thoroughly vented my desire to stop practicing to be extra sure that I fully understood the consequences of leaving the law. Once he became convinced that my desire was well thought out and genuine, he jumped on board to assist me make the change. He helped me with my "story" about why I wanted to stop practicing and provided lots of great ideas about where to network for my next job, which I eventually found. It's great to be in HR and I have not looked back once about my career decision.

– Vice-President, Human Resources, Minneapolis, MN corporation

I am an attorney in New Delhi, India. I hired Roy to help me prepare for an interview for an in-house position with a multi-national corporation. He was prompt, precise, and correctly anticipated the important interview questions. Roy also carried out the detailed research in relation to the company and the concerned persons. In sum, Roy provided all the guidance that I needed. And by the way, I got the job!

– Assistant V-P, Legal, New Delhi, India, (corporation headquartered in NYC)

My company offered me outplacement at one of those huge, "one-shape-fits-all" outfits. Yes, they were able to help me with my resume and cover letters, but boy, were they clueless about what different types of legal jobs entail and what the legal job market is really like. I hired Roy on my own to help me explore my options and assess how realistic they were, particularly the option of joining a firm. Working with someone who actually understands how law firms think and operate has proved to be invaluable. I considered trying to find another GC position, working for a law firm and going solo. Together we put together a job search plan that made me feel confident that I would find the best position available given the realities of the legal job market and that satisfied what I wanted to do. If you are fortunate enough to have your law firm or company provide you with outplacement services, insist on working with Roy. Lawyers have different options than other executives, and Roy understands what it's like to be a lawyer because he is one.

– Former General Counsel, Minneapolis, MN corporation

Working and getting together with Roy for the past eight months has been enjoyable and enlightening. It made me much more confident and effective in networking and interviews.

– Associate General Counsel, Falls Church, VA corporation

Roy was my outplacement counselor after I left my job as an in-house attorney. At the time, most of my legal experience was in the corporate world as a litigator at a mid-sized downtown law firm and as in-house counsel. I realized that I was tired of corporate America and wanted to strike out on my own as a solo practitioner. Many of my colleagues and friends thought I was crazy. Roy provided an honest and careful assessment of my situation. He thought it could work, but wisely warned me that it may take longer to build a successful practice than I had thought. After instilling me with the confidence to move forward with my plan, he then provided valuable insight about how to run my practice and market my services during its early stages. I am well on my way to be a successful solo practitioner and have never felt more satisfied as an attorney.

– Solo practitioner, Minneapolis, MN

I was previously the general counsel for a Wisconsin corporation and had been out of work for 8 months. I was determined to get another in-house position. I made it through an initial round of interviews for a very attractive position and then hired Roy before I was scheduled to begin the next round of on-site interviews with key executives. We conducted a mock interview that prepared me for a very broad spectrum of interview questions, many of which I had not previously considered. As a consequence, for the first time I felt genuinely confident in my ability to field tough interview questions. A few weeks later, the job was offered to me and then he assisted me with my salary negotiations. I will admit that I was initially skeptical about the value of career counseling, but Roy's coaching proved to be far more beneficial than I had ever imagined.

– General Counsel, Omaha, NE corporation

I was one of those stealth layoffs you don’t read about in the newspapers. Talented partner at a large downtown firm with no book of business asked to leave. Looking back, during the first few months of my job search, I was paralyzed and accomplished very little. Then I asked my law firm to hire Roy to help me. Initially, I reluctantly started to do the networking that he strongly encouraged me to do. Roy provided lots of tips to make me feel more comfortable when meeting people. His support and expertise provided me with the confidence to ultimately start my own firm, where I now do a considerable amount of work for a client that I met through my job hunting networking efforts.

– Solo practitioner, St. Paul, MN

If it wasn't for Roy, I don't think I would have gotten my new job. I appreciated the fact that he was flexible with my scheduling needs. I also liked that Roy pushed me to get out of my comfort zone by contacting people and networking with them. Finally, I really valued his practice mock interview session with me. That helped me calm down and think of good answers instead of blurting out the first thing that came to mind as I had sometimes done in the past.

– Associate, small Long Island, NY law firm

At the time I was laid off, I was fortunate enough to know that someone like Roy existed and specifically asked my former employer if I could work with him as my outplacement counselor. Thankfully, they agreed to my request. Since he is a practicing lawyer, I was hoping that he would provide added value compared to the more traditional outplacement providers and he exceeded those expectations. As an initial matter, losing my job was very emotionally draining. Roy patiently listened to my issues and helped me work through them, while at the same time, gradually encouraging me to look forward, which I knew I had to do sooner, rather than later. He also provided me with the confidence to do the networking that I knew needed to be done. As a consequence, I was able to find another GC position even if this awful economy.

– General Counsel, Minneapolis, MN corporation

At fifty-nine years old, I found myself unemployed. I realized that at my age, it was a good idea to get some help so I turned to Roy. Was I glad I did. He helped me through this difficult time with straight forward talk, no sugar coating, and realistic answers to my questions.

– Government attorney, St. Paul, MN