Lawyer Coaching Can Increase Your Success

In my nationwide coaching practice, I advise individual lawyers in the areas of business development, practice management and career development—areas essential to success but not typically taught at law school.

So who am I? My name is Roy Ginsburg. Like you, I am licensed attorney who understands the rigors of legal practice. I have practiced more than 30 years in law firm, solo and legal department settings. With this firsthand experience, I can provide pragmatic, real-world advice and follow-up to help you invigorate and accelerate your legal career in many areas, including:

What Is Lawyer Coaching?

Coaching is a disciplined, confidential, one-on-one relationship with an experienced and objective third party. This third party helps you set realistic professional goals and develop the strategies and action plan you need to meet your goals. Think of me as your personal trainer for your legal career.

Why Is Lawyer Coaching a Good Idea?

Research shows that customized individual coaching is far more effective than a one-size-fits-all training in a group setting. As an objective, independent voice, I will tell you what you need to know (not what you want to hear), and then I will hold you accountable for your actions. My coaching services will provide you with the structure, support system and discipline you need to achieve a successful and satisfying career.

When, Where and How Does Lawyer Coaching Take Place?

After an extended initial interview to determine your personal goals, I will contact you weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on an as-needed basis. During these sessions, we will work together to measure progress, brainstorm ideas and schedule assignments to complete by the next session. If you have a quick question in the interim, I am available 24/7 (and at no extra charge) to provide advice. As far as how long these coaching relationships last—that depends. I’ve worked with lawyers for periods lasting a few months to several years. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Who Needs a Lawyer Coach?

If you are a lawyer who wants to make a positive change in your practice, coaching is a sound business investment. It will give you the extra edge you need to achieve success in today's highly competitive legal marketplace.

Learn More About Coaching

If you’d like to learn more about attorney coaching, read my article :

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Reach Your Practice Goals—Call Me Today

Success is not easy to come by. It takes time, diligence, hard work and practice. It takes learning the ropes and making connections and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. I can help you do all of this to achieve increased job satisfaction and meet your practice goals. To learn more about my attorney coaching services, call me today at (612) 524-5837 or send me an email.