Job Transition Services for Lawyers

Many law firms and corporate legal departments sometimes face the difficult task of terminating some of their lawyers—either because of the economy or for performance issues. That is where my legal outplacement services come in.

The Benefits of Offering Legal Outplacement Services

Legal outplacement services make the best of an unhappy situation by preserving good will among the terminated lawyer and those lawyers who remain. After all, you never know when the lawyer you let go today will be in a position to hire or refer your firm tomorrow.

Many law firms and legal departments often turn to me, attorney Roy Ginsburg, to provide skilled outplacement coaching and legal career counseling to their terminated attorneys. And rightly so.

Why I Am the Right Choice for Legal Outplacement Services

As a lawyer who has practiced more than 40 years in law-firm, solo and corporate legal department settings, and coached lawyers for more than 15 years, I serve as a realistic sounding-board when it comes to the opportunities available in today's legal job market. Moreover, I offer ongoing support, confidence-building and motivation to help terminated lawyers get through this difficult time. Specific items I can assist transitioning attorneys with include:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Mock interviews
  • Networking strategies
  • Market research
  • Confidence building

With my outplacement guidance, laid-off attorneys often end up in a better place in terms of professional and personal satisfaction.

Legal Career Outplacement Case Studies

Case study #1: A talented partner at a large law firm was asked to leave after he was unable to build his own book of business. After a few months of paralysis, the lawyer asked his firm to pay for outplacement assistance. He was not a natural networker, but I was able to help him feel more comfortable in this environment. He ended up forming a solo practice, secured by work provided by a client he met in his job search.

Case study #2: A laid-off general counsel was looking for a position at another corporation. She specifically requested to work with me as her outplacement counselor. I provided the support this lawyer needed to work through the initial emotions of job loss as well as the encouragement and motivation she needed to look forward to her next opportunity. After a period of focused networking, this lawyer found another GC position.

Case study #3: A laid-off general counsel was offered services from a "one-size-fits-all" outplacement provider. Instead, she turned to me because I specialize in the legal job market. The lawyer wanted to consider a few options—working for a law firm, finding another general counsel position and going solo. I helped her realistically weigh the pros and cons of each, which led to a more focused, realistic, and eventually successful, job search.

Want more examples? Read these outplacement coaching testimonials.

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