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Meet Attorney Coach Roy Ginsburg

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"My goal is to help lawyers become more successful and satisfied in their careers."

I have spent more than 40 years practicing law in both private practice and as in-house counsel, and currently run a successful part-time solo practice. I understand the ins and outs of day-to-day practice. I know the challenges you face. I have the same drive as you do. And I know how to tackle the roadblocks that often get in the way of that success and satisfaction.

I have put my firsthand knowledge and experience to work for hundreds of attorneys across the country. I can do the same for you.

How I Can Help You

Business development: I help lawyers identify their target markets; connect with clients, potential clients and referral sources within that market (in ways that fall within their comfort levels); and allocate their time and money wisely.

An experienced partner at a large law firm had always maintained a respectable book of business—which was starting to suffer in the recent economic downturn. Internal referrals and the law firm's reputation were no longer enough, and he was under pressure to do better. I helped this lawyer become more systematic and disciplined in his business development efforts—especially in the area of leveraging his professional and community contacts. As a result, the lawyer was able to meet and exceed his firm's new marketing goals.

Practice management: I serve as a trusted business advisor to solo and small-firm owners who lack large-firm professional support staff and who must (in addition to practicing law) manage these responsibilities on their own. I provide an experienced, objective opinion for these sometimes-isolated lawyers. I frequently advise on matters such as billing, collections, timekeeping, expense management, IT and personnel.

The owner of a small law firm had plenty of work, but was struggling with the logistics of getting all of this work done in a cost-effective manner. This lawyer heard me speak at the Alaska State Bar Association annual convention, and started to use me as a sounding board on practice management issues. As a result, she was able to set priorities and cut administrative details.

Career development: I act as a legal career counselor to help lawyers make the right choices at the right time throughout the course of their careers—whether these choices involve switching law firms, going in-house, starting their own firm, refocusing on a new practice area, or rebalancing work/life/community obligations.

A partner in a small firm was miserable because the firm operated in a very dysfunctional manner. He dreamed about going solo, but couldn't pull the trigger. After thorough discussions with me, he gained the confidence to start his own firm and built a successful solo practice.

Bringing Lawyer Coaching into the Mainstream

I began work as a lawyer coach more than 15 years ago. At that time, professional coaching for attorneys was practically unheard of. I quickly became a pioneer in this arena. Today, I am seen as a thought leader on a variety of topics about the legal profession:

  • I present CLE programs nationwide to bar associations and law firm audiences on business development, client service and career management.
  • Leading legal blogs such as publish my work.

Legal Background

Before becoming a coach, I practiced employment law in the following settings:

  • Dorsey & Whitney (1983-86)
  • Henson & Efron (1986-90)
  • CenterPoint Energy (formerly Minnegasco, 1990-95)
  • Merrill Corporation (1996-2003)

Education and Community Involvement

I’m a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin Law School. After law school, I clerked for the Hon. Donald Steinmetz of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. I’m licensed to practice in Minnesota, but I offer my coaching services across the U.S.

I believe in being actively involved with the legal profession, so I participate in several organizations and on many committees, including:

  • Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), Minnesota Chapter (former member and chapter president)
  • Hennepin County Bar Association (HCBA)
  • Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) - Vice-chair, Senior Lawyers Section

Additionally, nothing gives me greater satisfaction than giving back to my community. I volunteer my time with these organizations:

  • Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota (ILCM), volunteer lawyer
  • Jewish Family and Children's Service of Minneapolis (JFCS), member of marketing committee
  • Volunteer Lawyers Network (VLN), volunteer lawyer

Call Me to Learn More

For more information on lawyer coaching in the areas of business development, practice management and career development, please call me today at (612) 524-5837 or connect with me via email.