Better Manage Your Legal Practice

I have more than 40 years of legal practice under my belt. And I currently run a successful part-time solo practice in the field of legal marketing ethics. I have done all of this while coaching lawyers for the past 15 years.

All of this experience adds up to one key point—I know what works best to manage a legal practice. I can use my own experience, as well as the experiences of those who have come before you, to help you better manage your practice. If you are a solo practitioner or owner of a small law firm, you can benefit from practice management coaching. By learning how to stay on track and better manage the tasks at hand, you can maximize revenue while minimizing expenses.

Being a Solo Practitioner or Small Firm Owner Doesn’t Mean You Have to Go It Alone

As the sole owner of a law practice, you are probably responsible for tasks that are handled by professional staff at larger firms, including:

  • Personnel management
  • Client service issues
  • Expense management
  • Billing and collecting
  • Technology
  • Compensation

I can help operate more efficiently and effectively. I will provide valuable feedback and suggestions on the day-to-day decisions of running your business. And, as your practice management coach, I will become a realistic sounding board for your problems, questions and ideas.

In short, I will become your business confidant. Unlike your colleagues who have their own problems to worry about, I won’t tell you what you want to hear. And, unlike your spouse, I won’t tune you out after you start talking about work. I will be here to provide you with the information and tools you need to succeed.

Practice Management Case Studies

Case study #1: I was once hired by a small firm owner to do a gut check on some management issues at the firm. I was able to reassure him that overall he was doing an excellent job. I did, however, recommend that he increase the firm's rates. He did that and experienced no push back from clients. The higher rates provided a nice boost to its revenues.

Case study #2: A solo practitioner was experiencing great difficulty with her billing and collection procedures. By working with me, she overhauled her process, which significantly increased her revenue and bottom line.

Case study #3: The owner of a small law firm had plenty of work, but was struggling with the logistics of getting all the work done in a cost-effective manner. She heard me speak at a bar association annual convention, and started to rely on me as a sounding board on practice management issues. As a result, her firm was able to set priorities and cut through administrative details.

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Learn More About Practice Management

I frequently speak at CLEs on the topic of practice management. I also write about it. If you’d like to learn more, read this article:

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