Get Help Finding the Right Legal Job

If you are presently unemployed, underemployed, or working at a job you would like to leave, take this rare opportunity to carefully weigh your options and find your best match.

I am Roy Ginsburg, a lawyer who has practiced more than 40 years in law-firm, solo and corporate legal department settings, and a lawyer coach who has more than 15 years of experience working with lawyers across the country. I regularly serve as a realistic sounding-board when it comes to the opportunities available to attorneys in today's legal job market.

Now Is Time to Ask Hard Questions

Before you dive in head first to the job search process, step back and ask yourself some serious questions:

  • Do you want to practice the same kind of law, but at a different firm, or different sized-firm, or different-cultured firm or as a solo?
  • Do you want to take this opportunity to learn and practice a different kind of law?
  • Are you interested in an in-house, government or non-profit position?
  • Do you want to look for work outside the legal profession?

Get the Ongoing Support and Guidance To Find the Job You Want

If you are out of work (or think you may be shortly) or want a new job, get the ongoing support, confidence-building and motivation to help you get through this difficult time. With my help, you can land in a better and more rewarding place.

More specifically, I can help you:

  • Develop an individualized and realistic job search plan by assessing your transferable skills, education, experience and aspirations
  • Implement your job search plan via resume and cover letter development and networking
  • Build your confidence when interviewing by conducting mock interviews

Job Search Case Studies

Case study #1: A fired associate spent six months looking for another position, without any success. I worked with him on how to best explain the circumstances at his last law firm to increase his confidence. I also helped him revise his resume and redirect and refine his networking strategy. After only two months, he secured a job with another law firm.

Case study #2: A former general counsel who had been out of work for eight months hired me. He had made it through a telephone screening interview at a corporation, but wanted my help to prepare him for a series of on-site interviews with key executives. I conducted a thorough mock interview that prepared him for the inevitable tough questions. Two weeks after the interviews, he was offered a job. Before accepting the offer, I also assisted him with his salary negotiations.

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Learn More About How to Find a New Job

I write about the job search process. If you’d like to learn more, read these articles:

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