I am available to offer expert witness testimony in matters involving:

  • Legal marketing ethics
  • Legal practice management and business development
  • Lawyer’s professional development

When choosing an expert witness to bolster your litigation strategy, you want to ensure you find someone who has the experience and knowledge to back up his or her statements. I do.

Choosing Me as Your Expert Witness Makes Good Litigation Sense

There are a variety of reasons you should consider me, Roy Ginsburg, for your expert witness needs:

  • I have practice law for more than 40 years and currently run a part-time solo practice focused on providing legal marketing ethics counsel.
  • I have also run a successful lawyer coaching business for the past 15 years and have worked with hundreds of lawyers across the country.
  • My nationwide coaching work with attorneys at all-sized law firms in virtually every practice area provides me with a broad perspective of private practice that few can match.
  • I am a recognized CLE speaker on topics including legal marketing, legal marketing ethics, practice management, and the professional development of lawyers. My programs have been sponsored by more than 50 bar associations.
  • I have published numerous articles in state Bar journals, as well as blog posts in popular blogs, including lawyerist.com, attorneyatwork.com and myshingle.com.
  • The U.S. government retained me as an expert to provide an opinion on the business development practices of small law firms.
  • A private litigant retained me to provide an opinion on law firm hiring practices.

Call on Me, Roy Ginsburg, for Your Expert Witness Needs

To learn how my experience as a lawyer coach and legal marketing ethics practitioner can serve your next litigation team, please call me at (612) 524-5837 or contact me online.