Attorney Coaching

Lawyer Coaching Can Increase Your Success In my nationwide coaching practice, I advise individual lawyers in the areas of business development, practice management and career development—areas essential to success but not typically taught at law sc… Read More

Business Development

At one time, a lawyer could succeed simply by doing good work. In today’s highly competitive legal economy, however, you must also bring in new work. If you are like most practitioners, however, you do not know how to best go about this process… Read More

Practice Management

I have more than 40 years of legal practice under my belt. And I currently run a successful part-time solo practice in the field of legal marketing ethics. I have done all of this while coaching lawyers for the past 15 years. All of this experience a… Read More

Legal Career Counseling

Lawyers routinely spend a lot of time planning complex matters or cases, but very few devote much time to intentionally planning their own careers. This is a big mistake. Know Where to Go In Your Career and How to Get There You will face numerous cho… Read More

Job Search

If you are presently unemployed, underemployed, or working at a job you would like to leave, take this rare opportunity to carefully weigh your options and find your best match. I am Roy Ginsburg, a lawyer who has practiced more than 40 years in law-… Read More

Legal Outplacement

Many law firms and corporate legal departments sometimes face the difficult task of terminating some of their lawyers—either because of the economy or for performance issues. That is where my legal outplacement services come in. The Benefits of Off… Read More

Law Firm Retreats

Getting away from the office for an afternoon, a day or even a series of days is an annual tradition at many law firms. It offers concentrated time for colleagues to connect with each other, become inspired by the firm’s leadership, and learn a… Read More