Perhaps it’s best left to some past attendees to describe their experience in Roy’s CLE programs:

Client Development/Client Service CLE’s

"Roy's seminar was one of the most enjoyable and informative that I have ever attended. I wish I had been exposed to this years ago."

"Reinforced what I need to keep doing and gave me the courage to try new things."

"An informative, entertaining and enjoyable ethics CLE. Now, whoever thought that was possible?"

"What an enthusiastic, energetic and engaging presenter."

"Well-paced seminar. Good visuals and use of real life examples. Movie clips were very effective and added an extra spark to the program."

"Finally - an ethics program that contains useful ideas for my practice."

"Your presentation was engaging and got me to rethink how I serve my clients. It was truly an inspiration!"

"Roy was fantastic. He is very knowledgeable and credible based on his variety of experiences practicing law and being a client himself."

"Great balance of information. Surprised to find it so valuable even to a lawyer in practice more than 20 years."

"Well presented - good sense of humor and practical applications of client development principles; sound knowledge of the ethical issues."

"The program's marketing ideas will help me daily. I just have to put them in place. Outstanding program!"

"Excellent presentation; his effective use of video clips is a welcome change of pace from the typical 100{f992146efa3607c5a109430364b2fd90bdc73972e67f6b2dfc8b4a4b804e2993} lecture format."

Career Guidance CLE’s

"I knew that I wanted to practice for a few more years, but that's all I knew. Roy provided me with the motivation to start planning how to obtain some value for the book of business I worked so hard to build."

”Lots of excellent and valuable advice. Roy instills confidence for the job searcher who is struggling."

"Roy's message is hopeful. His experience gives him great credibility. Great job. Thanks!"

"I walked away from the program with ideas to wind down my practice on my own terms, not the terms of my law ?rm."

"Very knowledgeable, energetic and inspiring. Hits all of the highlights of the issues faced and tasks needed to be done to make a small or big career change."

"Reaffirmed that I'm on the right track to find a job, but also gave me a few new ideas to try."

"The program contained a variety of logical and realistic ideas about alternative careers, as well as working part-time. Extremely valuable information."

"Very practical suggestions about how to best wind down my solo practice without leaving money on the table."

"Roy did a great job. It can't be easy to speak to a bunch of stressed out unemployed lawyers and present an optimistic message, but that's exactly what he does."

"Excellent practical ideas to confront and embrace career challenges."

"Many upbeat suggestions. Very, very helpful and informative."

"Roy's seminar took away the fears that I had about retiring. Now, I'm excited."

"Roy really got me thinking and gave me the jump start that I needed to make some changes in my practice."

"Motivational. Roy is positive, yet realistic. He doesn't sugar coat anything for an out of work attorney, yet he somehow was able to lift my spirits."