Solo Practitioner, St. Paul, MN

I found it very helpful to have Roy’s “bird's-eye view” of my immigration practice and current career prospects. When we started, I knew I needed a change. I didn't know if that was a completely new career, adding a new practice area, or hiring help. Given Roy’s knowledge of the legal market, he helped me recognize that my career is actually in a pretty good place. This realization was tremendously valuable to me. Roy also honed in on tangible things I can do to grow my practice, like meeting with more lawyers and professionals, which seems obvious in hindsight, but I hadn't been prioritizing. Instead, I was overly focused on small minutia that is unlikely to help me grow my practice. In the end, I feel much more focused, less adrift and on a path to growing my practice.

– Solo Practitioner, St. Paul, MN