Managing Partner, mid-sized Toledo, OH law firm

I met Roy when I heard him speak about marketing when his seminar was sponsored by my state's bar association. I was so impressed, I invited him to conduct the CLE for all of my firm's lawyers. After that, I hired him to do marketing coaching for a number of attorneys who I thought he could help. All were extremely satisfied with his coaching. Roy is quite adept at working with a wide variety of personality types. He put together individualized marketing plans for each attorney that played to their strengths and provided them with the confidence to execute them diligently.

– Managing Partner, mid-sized Toledo, OH law firm
Roy has never been shy about recommending that I raise my hourly rates. He insisted that clients would not react negatively. I listened to the advice and kept my fingers crossed. Boy, was he was right. One client remarked, “Over due. You’…" Read the rest
– Solo practitioner, Minneapolis, MN

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