My company offered me outplacement at one of those huge, "one-shape-fits-all" outfits. Yes, they were able to help me with my resume and cover letters, but boy, were they clueless about what different types of legal jobs entail and what the legal job market is really like. I hired Roy on my own to help me explore my options and assess how realistic they were, particularly the option of joining a firm. Working with someone who actually understands how law firms think and operate has proved to be invaluable. I considered trying to find another GC position, working for a law firm and going solo. Together we put together a job search plan that made me feel confident that I would find the best position available given the realities of the legal job market and that satisfied what I wanted to do. If you are fortunate enough to have your law firm or company provide you with outplacement services, insist on working with Roy. Lawyers have different options than other executives, and Roy understands what it's like to be a lawyer because he is one.

– Former General Counsel, Minneapolis, MN corporation