I'm a junior partner at a large firm. I have finally cracked six figures in bringing in revenue, but I have a long way to go to build it to the size that I want. I'm also unsure whether private practice is what I want to do for the rest of my career and wonder whether I'm more suited for an in-house counsel role. Roy provided me with the insight I needed about how to increase my book of business, or alternatively, how to secure an in-house job. He knows both worlds well and has been a great sounding board.

– Partner, large Washington D.C. law firm

I hired Roy to help me decide if or when to leave my present firm and start my own. He provided a great sounding board and offered very helpful guidance as I planned my move. At first, the thought of starting my own firm was overwhelming, but Roy gave me clear steps for doing so, and his suggestions helped with my contingency planning, etc. I also appreciated Roy’s evaluation of the existing situation at my former firm, which was helpful to me in making my decision. In all, it was very good to have the opinion of a neutral perspective regarding everything that I was dealing with.

– Solo practitioner, Southwest VA

I am a solo practitioner and hired Roy to help me assess whether I should become partners with another solo attorney. Overall, he provided very practical and solid advice. Furthermore, he gave me some much-needed confidence to tackle my various dilemmas. A big thank you, Roy!

– Solo Practitioner, San Francisco, CA

I hired Roy because I was at a crossroads in my career after being a prosecutor for years. What I liked best about his services was Roy himself. I liked talking to him and appreciated his experience and knowledge. I enjoyed our sessions and conversations. Roy has an easy going style and good insight about the job prospects for a mid-career attorney.

– Prosecutor, Phoenix, AZ
I hired Roy to help me decide whether to leave an established firm in rural Minnesota to start my own small town practice. I considered his counsel to be pivotal in my journey. Roy’s encouragement was crucial to believing I could do it. I still remember his words about my job security perception problem – that it likely wasn’t “safer” to stay; I just perceived it to be that way. I am so happy that I left when I did.
– Solo Practitioner, Greater MN

Working with Roy was a very positive experience for me – I particularly liked that he was flexible in his program (no need to commit to 12 months without first seeing if it’s a good fit, etc.); Roy was very responsive to my stated needs (exploring part-time alternative career projects) and focused his questions and our conversations in the places where I needed to concentrate. With his help, I was able to clear the clutter of ideas that were swimming around and create real plans around those items where my attention would be most productive. I hired Roy hoping that he could help me work through some decisions that had trapped me and that is exactly what he did.

– Owner, small Fishers, IN law firm
I hired Roy because I was at a significant crossroad in my career in Big Law and needed help. The best part about his services was having a neutral person to talk to about every aspect of the job search/job dilemma---but a neutral person who is also a lawyer and understands the industry.
– Associate, large New York City, NY law firm

I hired Roy to help me assess my options mid-career. What I most liked about Roy was how personable and approachable he was. Roy has a lot of knowledge about what it takes to be a successful attorney. He was very good at customizing his services to my unique situation. Roy was also very encouraging and willing to tell me what I needed to hear!

– Associate, Small law firm, Northern Minneapolis Suburb, MN
I hired Roy to act as a sounding board as I was considering merging my small firm practice with another. His advice was very practical and straight forward and he knew the right questions to ask to get me to think about my situation and why I was contemplating what I was contemplating. Our time on the phone, plus the forethought I needed to provide to answer Roy’s questions gave me a lot of insight into my situation and what I really wanted. Thank you Roy for your help!!!
– Owner, small Newark, NJ law firm

Roy’s approach was no nonsense and highly informed. All of my questions about the best firm setting for my practice were answered. I came out of our coaching sessions with a clear direction, confidence and a cogent plan. Roy delivered.

– Solo practitioner – Concord, NH

I have a niche practice at a small unconventional law firm and found myself at a crossroad in my legal career. The choice was to either stay where I am, go solo, or join a national firm with a well-established presence in my niche. Lots of pros and cons to all of my choices. I hired Roy to help me with my decision. I appreciated his ability to ask the right questions to get right down to the important factors involved in my situation. I also appreciated the way Roy really listened and retained information told earlier. Finally, I appreciated that he was always comfortable giving me his opinion on certain issues rather than just staying neutral. In all, I would highly recommend Roy’s consulting services to any lawyer who needs to think and talk through career development issues.

– Partner, small Chicago, IL law firm

What was most helpful from Roy’s coaching was the opportunity to work through issues with a fellow lawyer who is knowledgeable both about current trends in the profession as well as career development (e.g. second act) options. His input as an objective third party required me to examine, or re-examine, my own ideas. Roy was also able to provide new insights and information on a few things I hadn't considered.

– Partner, mid-size, NC law firm

When I hired Roy, I was miserable practicing as a partner in a small firm that in my view operated in a very dysfunctional manner. My gut told me that I should go out on my own, but just couldn't pull the trigger. After thorough discussions with Roy about my old firm and what my practice would look like as a solo, I gained the confidence to finally pull the trigger. Boy; and am I glad I did. I've never been happier practicing law and am making more money than ever. Roy's assistance was pivotal.

– Solo practitioner, Duluth, MN

I hired Roy while taking a sabbatical to help me determine the next steps in my career. After working together, it was very apparent that Roy cares about his clients and wants them to succeed. He was very easy to talk with and honest, including pushing back or challenging my thoughts when appropriate. Roy also has a wealth of experience across several different legal practice areas and has deep connections with many of them. His meetings were well organized and efficient. There was always an agenda or some pre-work to move the discussion along. Overall, in my particular situation, I needed some ideas, some gut reactions to my ideas, and some pragmatic thoughts about what to do with those ideas. I received all of that and more from Roy.

– Former General Counsel, Minneapolis, MN corporation

What I liked most about working with Roy was his down-to-earth approach to issues. We covered lots, including whether I should modify practice areas, switch law firms, or go solo. Given his own experiences practicing law, as well as his numerous years as a lawyer coach, he was very knowledgeable about all of the perspectives that I needed to consider.

– Of Counsel, small Indianapolis, IN law firm

I’ve been a commercial litigator for almost twenty years. I hired Roy to help me diversify my caseload. He opened my eyes to realistic possibilities that interested me that I had not seriously thought of before and provided the roadmap to explore them. All of his advice was candid, practical and useful.

– Partner, small Boston, MA law firm

For a variety of reasons, I recently left a large law firm practice as a partner to consider an alternative career. Roy was very creative, insightful and a tremendous resource as we evaluated the options together. One thing I knew I wanted was a career that was still connected to the legal profession. Given Roy's unique background as a lawyer, he was very familiar with those possibilities and had an excellent sense of how realistic those opportunities would be for me. His help and support was invaluable.

– Former partner, large Minneapolis, MN law firm

I am the general counsel for a high tech company in the Twin Cities. I've learned that in order to be successful as an in-house attorney, it takes more than simply doing quality legal work. Oftentimes, my biggest challenges are managing the relationships and expectations of my internal clients. Since Roy used to work in-house himself, he is familiar with many of the frustrations I face. His advice regarding these issues was always sound and practical.

– General Counsel, Minneapolis, MN corporation

I hired Roy while transitioning between law firms. He provided great practical advice regarding numerous issues surrounding my departure from my former firm. More importantly, his counsel was crucial once I joined the new firm, especially when it came to business development. He helped me stay focused on activities that have and will build my book of business at my new firm.

– Partner, medium Chicago, IL law firm

I found Roy coaching about my career options to be honest and straightforward. He has a depth of experience that allowed him to give good, credible advice. I appreciated Roy’s willingness to dig into his own network to assist. He has a practical approach that is not, for lack of a better term, hippy-dippy. As a lawyer coach, he deals with what is really achievable, rather than pie-in-the-sky fantasies.

– Associate, large Minneapolis, MN law firm

Roy's legal career counseling process made me undertake a very useful self-evaluation. Answering the questions provided in advance of our sessions, forced me to really think about what I do/don't like about my job, as well as my work/life balance in general. Roy didn't seem to have any pre-conceived notions about what changes I needed to make. He asked good questions, and then listened to what I had to say. But at the same time, he was never shy about offering his own opinions.

– Senior Counsel, Boston, MA corporation

What I found most helpful was Roy's candor, especially his evaluation of my potential if I left my present law firm to join another firm or went out on my own as a solo. His focus on the business of law was also very helpful. I was very glad that I worked with Roy.

– Associate, large Los Angeles, CA law firm

I hired Roy to help me determine whether I should merge my firm with another one. He was always available to help me sort through all of the issues as the landscape regarding deal seemed to continually change. I ultimately decided not to do the deal. We both agreed that the timing was not right. In any event, I will definitely work with Roy again if the deal resurfaces or another one surfaces for the first time.

– Owner, small Augusta, GA law firm

I was very unhappy as a partner at my law firm and was not sure what my best options were. Working with Roy helped put a sense of organization on what started out as a morass of imperfect information, observation, and assumptions. Thinking things through in an orderly fashion with Roy was great prep for the process that followed.

– Partner, large Raleigh, NC, law firm
I hired Roy because I was at a crossroads with my in-house job. I appreciated his candor. Too often counselors and coaches are unwilling to say the tough things that need to be said. And the candor was done with empathy for how it would be felt and in turn I never felt oppressed by it, but challenged.
– In-house counsel, Minneapolis, MN corporation