Roy's marketing coaching was thorough and thoughtful. But perhaps what I valued most was that his advice was tailored to my practice, which is very much a niche market. Roy's well-balanced and customized approach was perfect for my needs.

– Partner, small Washington, D.C., law firm

It is always great to talk with Roy. He helps me focus and think creatively about how to build my business. Roy also reminds me to follow through with plans I have made and goals I have set. After we spoke today, I set a coffee date with a Rotary colleague with whom I have been wanting to get know better.

– Solo practitioner, Tampa, FL

I work at an Am Law 200 firm and there is always pressure to bring in new clients. In putting together my marketing plan, Roy asked the right questions to identify what tactics will work best for me. He continually hit the nail on the head in terms of what I needed to do to develop business and how to get there. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

– Partner, large San Francisco, CA law firm

I'm a senior associate at a large law firm. I will be up for partner within the next year or two. The partners tell me my work is great, but the process of making partner at my firm is so secretive that I truly don't know how good my chances are. I am quite concerned about my book of business; it is very minimal. My firm's attitude towards marketing is more or less a sink or swim mentality. They expect associates to somehow figure it out all by themselves. Before working with Roy, my marketing efforts were very ad hoc and unfocused. Now, I have a clear roadmap of what I need to do to build the type of practice that I want and have been very pleased with the results of those efforts.

– Associate, large Washington D.C. law firm

I met Roy when I heard him speak about marketing when his seminar was sponsored by my state's bar association. I was so impressed, I invited him to conduct the CLE for all of my firm's lawyers. After that, I hired him to do marketing coaching for a number of attorneys who I thought he could help. All were extremely satisfied with his coaching. Roy is quite adept at working with a wide variety of personality types. He put together individualized marketing plans for each attorney that played to their strengths and provided them with the confidence to execute them diligently.

– Managing Partner, mid-sized Toledo, OH law firm

After leaving a large law firm, my own firm has now been in business for 10 years thanks to your help in getting me going on the marketing. I was recalling our early sessions when you were helping me figure out how to make my law firm run and how to market. I am still using a lot of the ideas you planted. My firm has handled a lot of successful cases over these 10 years and have enjoyed bringing our clients very satisfying results whether through trial or settlement. So after all of these years, I want thank you again for getting me started.

– Owner, small Minneapolis, MN law firm

I hired Roy to help me put together a marketing plan. He did a great job advising me on how to prioritize my efforts. The results have been fantastic. When I started working with Roy almost two years ago, my book of business was virtually nothing. Now, it is well into six figures.

– Partner, mid-sized Milwaukee, WI law firm

I loved Roy's enthusiasm, spontaneity, and even his east coast bluntness. I admired the way that he dug in his heels to learn more about my business and practice area niche so that he could converse with me intelligently and thoughtfully about a variety of marketing ideas. I also appreciated Roy's consideration; he shared the conversation, rather than dominated it. I would work with Roy again in a heartbeat and would recommend him to anyone. I made a wise decision in hiring him and am pleased and proud of that.

– Owner, small Detroit, MI law firm

I've been practicing law long enough to know the basics of what needs to be done in order to be a successful legal marketer. For me, the most valuable aspect of Roy's coaching was his ability to help me prioritize my marketing efforts. I'm now very confident that I am performing the marketing activities most likely to bring in new clients; before I was never really sure.

– Solo practitioner, Long Beach, CA

I've been successfully practicing law for about thirty years and have a respectable book of business. What I found most valuable about Roy's coaching was his ability to force me to become more systematic and disciplined about my marketing efforts. Furthermore, he gave me some great ideas about how to leverage more effectively and efficiently my professional and community contacts. Not surprisingly, my marketing efforts are now more successful than they have ever been in the past.

– Partner, large St. Cloud, MN law firm

I liked the fact that Roy quickly demystified what other marketing/business development coaches believe to be a complicated process. He boiled it down to a couple of simple truths: people do business with people they know, like, and trust and that finding clients is a numbers game. While the truths are simple, executing them is not and that's where Roy's coaching was extremely helpful.

– Solo practitioner, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am a partner in a large law firm and have a seven figure book of business. The competition today is brutal for corporate clients. I can no longer rely on getting clients simply from internal referrals or based on my firm's reputation. I need to be out there establishing relationships on my own. Roy's expertise and encouragement has helped me take my client development efforts to the next level.

– Partner, large Kansas City, MO law firm

Roy's coaching has been extremely valuable. Since he was once an in-house attorney and frequently a client of law firms himself, I respect his insight about what client development efforts work best. He also holds me accountable. When working with Roy, I never fell into the trap of just practicing law and putting my marketing activities on the back burner.

– Partner, mid-size Minneapolis, MN law firm

What I have appreciated most about Roy is his no-nonsense feedback on my plans and execution. When one asks colleagues/family for help in these areas, the usual response is intended not to offend — and so adds little value. Roy’s experience-backed candor was just what I needed to clarify where I should be focused and why. Convincing me to get a real website and focusing on cultivating clients and referral sources were the best examples of this.

– Solo Practitioner, Minneapolis, MN