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Be a Joiner: Networking for Success as a Lawyer

Like most attorney business development coaches, I’m a big fan of one-on-one networking. It’s in this setting that you’ll have the best opportunity to develop a genuine relationship—one that will hopefully lead to new business. ... Read More

Put Networking into Perspective

When most attorneys hear the word “networking,” palms start to sweat and inner thoughts turn to “You mean I have to do THAT in order to get new clients?” What is THAT anyway, and how often do you have to do THAT? THAT is attending some type of event (e.g. fundraiser, conference, reception) where there will be a large crowd, anywhere from 50 to 1000. ... Read More

Networking for Job Security

Job security is on the radar screens of most lawyers. Many lawyers, however, perceive that their jobs are very secure, when in reality they are not. Due to a false sense of security, these lawyers often neglect the networking they should be doing. Three scenarios demonstrate this concept of a false sense of job security … Continue reading this post on www.lawyerist.com. ... Read More

The New Solo: Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

Many new solo practitioners wrestle with the issue of whether to focus their practice in one area of the law to the exclusion of other areas. Some are afraid to walk away from any business and, therefore, think it best to go to market as a generalist. Unless you practice in a very small town, this strategy is usually a mistake. If you practice in a suburban or metro area, limiting yourself to certain practice areas is the best strategy. Here’s why… Continue reading this post on http://solopracticeuniversity.com. ... Read More

Lawyers, Give Thanks: You Have It Better Than You Think!

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to take a step back and reflect on what we have to be thankful for. For busy lawyers, taking the time to do this doesn’t come naturally. So I’m going to make it easy for you. I’m here to remind you of some things you should be grateful for. Continue reading this post on www.attorneyatwork.com ... Read More
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Going Solo: Debunking The Top Ten Fears

Although many who read the posts on Lawyerist are solo practitioners or work in very small firms, I suspect there are some who practice in larger law firms and visit the site to see what the solo/small firm life is like. If you are part of that group, this post is for you. Continue reading this post at www.lawyerist.com ... Read More

Back to Business School for Ethics Violations

When a lawyer runs afoul of the rules of professional conduct, there are consequences. Depending on the severity of the rule violation, discipline might consist of disbarment, suspension, reprimand (public censure) or admonition (private reprimand). What about being sent back to school for an ethics violation? Continue reading at www.attorneyatwork.com. ... Read More
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Be a Small-Town Lawyer

No one needs to remind law students and recent law school graduates about the dismal job market. Only 85 percent of the class of 2012 found a job of any kind post-graduation — and only 64 percent of those jobs required bar passage, which is an all-time low. This is the fifth consecutive year of decline and the lowest rate in 18 years, according to the National Association for Law Placement. Continue reading this post at www.attorneyatwork.com ... Read More
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Five To-Dos for Unemployed Senior Lawyers

Last month, Jared Correia wrote two excellent posts on why older lawyers are finding it harder to stay employed and the challenges encountered because of certain employer assumptions. Now it’s time to focus on what out-of-work senior lawyers should be doing to rejoin the workforce. Here are my five to-dos. Continue reading this post on www.attorneyatwork.com ... Read More
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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

In this troubled legal economy, most of the focus is on attorneys who are unemployed or underemployed. More attention should be paid to those who are unhappily employed. In a lousy job market, many lawyers feel compelled to remain in jobs that they despise. While it’s not new for lawyers to be unhappy about their jobs, it is new that jobs are scarce and unhappy lawyers do not have as many options if they leave. Lawyers dislike their jobs for many reasons, including: Continue reading this post at www.lawyernomics.avvo.com ... Read More

Are You Earning Enough Money?

Rarely do I meet lawyers in private practice who are not concerned about how much money they make. That seems pretty obvious. Here’s what’s not so obvious. How much money does it take to keep a lawyer satisfied? Although this is not another lawyer joke, there is a punch line. The answer is, “As much money as my colleague down the hall or my competitor across town earns.” Continue reading this post at www.lawyernomics.avvo.com ... Read More
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Succession Planning: Buy Out at Retirement

Many baby boomer lawyers are approaching retirement and considering succession planning options. Owners of small law firms with a handful of non-equity partners or associates frequently wonder if it is a realistic expectation to get bought out by the other lawyers. If so, how do you then decide the amount and structure? Like many law firm valuation issues, there is no simple answer to either question. The answers depend upon a variety of factors. Continue reading this post at www.lawyerist.com ... Read More

CLE 2.0: Online Quality

Recently, I attended the mid-year meeting of the Association for Continuing Legal Education. ACLEA is the primary organization for CLE professionals from bar associations, law schools, law firms and for-profit entities, as well as other CLE professionals like me. I’ve been attending ACLEA meetings for about a decade. I always leave with some interesting new thoughts about the future of CLE. Continue reading this post at www.lawyerist.com ... Read More
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Law School Regrets

I graduated from law school 30 years ago. When speaking to law students about how to find a job today, I mostly cover the basics. But I draw on my own experiences, too, and offer one bit of advice rarely provided by most career counselors. I arrived at this advice when, to prepare my presentation, I asked myself: “Knowing what I now know about legal careers after all these years, would I have done anything differently when I attended law school?” Continue reading post on attorneyatwork.com ... Read More

Solos: Do You Really Want a Partner?

In the legal profession, there are many solo practitioners. The ABA estimates that half of the country’s lawyers “hang out their own shingles.” Over the course of a career, most of these solos occasionally give serious thought to the idea of joining forces with another lawyer. Such a decision should never be rushed. It should always be well-thought-through. Continue reading this post at www.lawyerist.com ... Read More

Unhappy Lawyers; Why So Many?

Not surprisingly, there are thousands of unhappy lawyers who are new to the profession. After all, there’s plenty to be unhappy about if you’re unemployed and trying to pay back six-figure loans. But what about more-experienced attorneys who have stable jobs and little-to-no debt? Are they a satisfied lot? Continue reading this post at www.lawyerist.com ... Read More
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Career Change and Money

Whenever attorneys consider any type of career change, whether minor or major, the issue of money inevitably comes up. That’s hardly surprising. Often, the changes being contemplated require some sort of financial sacrifice, at least in the short term. Some require short-term and long-term sacrifice. Continue reading this post at www.lawyerist.com ... Read More
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Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Alternative careers — doing something other than practicing law — are looking more attractive to both new and experienced lawyers as the job market gets more dismal. Of course, the notion of lawyers using their legal degrees to do something other than practice law is nothing new. After all, the U.S. President and his challenger both have J.D.’s. Continue reading this post at www.lawyerist.com ... Read More
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A Coach Reviews The Lawyer's Guide to Professional Coaching

At long last, the ABA has published a book about coaching for lawyers. As an attorney coach for almost a decade, I understand that many lawyers don’t even know that the option of coaching for their profession exists, let alone understand how coaches can help their careers. The publishing of this book by the ABA should enhance the credibility and popularity of lawyer coaching. Continue reading this post at www.lawyerist.com ... Read More

When Networking, Confidence and Enthusiasm Are Essential

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Usually I agree with Woody Allen, who is famous for (among other things) making this remark. But when it comes to networking for purposes of business development, I’ll have to differ from the well-known filmmaker. Continue reading post at www.lawyerist.com ... Read More
I’ve had a very successful practice for 40 years and want to practice for about 5 more. I still enjoy being a lawyer, but quite frankly, coming into the office on some days and dealing with certain problematic files was becoming an emotional dr…" Read the rest
– Solo practitioner, Fresno, CA

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